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About Goodwill Foundation

Goodwill Foundation (GWF) is a “not for profit”, Non-Governmental humanitarian organization aim at  helping people in need with Education assistance, Health Care support, assisting Communities in development plans, poverty alleviation, youth’s empowerment and crises relief support programs.

We work in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon saving lives and make dreams a reality in 206 Communities.  Our primary target are marginalized groups, Children in need, destitute single women, Refugees, internally displaced persons, people with disabilities and vulnerable people living with HIV/AIDS.

Profiles at Goodwill Foundation

Ketu Jacob A.

Founder & President

N. Sonia

International Ambassador

Mih Lewis A.

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Emoh Wilsilia A.

Project Manager

Goodwill AmbassadorsVolunteer with us

There are several ways you can help us reach our goals, from start a fundraising to raise money that will be used to executing our projects, Helping link us with partners, to donating your skills and joining us in the field.


Goodwill Impacts


Education is a basic right to all, not a privilege, this is not true to everybody

Health Care

Families in the rural areas barely manage to feed, let alone pay bills


GWF allows young people to fully recognize their power as change makers

Crises Relief

GWF stand with families forced to flee their homes and communities


Sensitization, massive distribution of face masks and hygienic.


Diasporas of Goodwill, Your generosity can change a child's life


Ambassadors are unified in their purpose to bring hope & save lives