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GWF on Back to School

$ 18,000.00 Needed Donation

Education is a basic right to everyone, not a privilege. Our goal is to ensure that children affected by displacement in the North West and South West regions enjoys quality education. GWF strengthens the capacity of communities to support basic education and literacy, reduce gender disparity in education, and increase adult literacy. We support education for all children and literacy for adults.

Around the world, every community has distinct needs and suffers from its own set of obstacles. In North West/South West regions of Cameroon, Our team of experts assesses the conditions in every community in the regions and serve to create specific programs to help children overcome the challenges of their community during hard times as the crisis in the region persist.

Education is a basic right to everyone, not a privilege. Sadly, that’s not true to everyone. GWF support Vulnerable, marginalizes children by providing them with basic educational needs in form of study materials and fees from primary, secondary, high school and even higher. Our Education program also offers intervention in early childhood education, remedial Education, and digital learning in communities across the North West/South West Regions of Cameroon.

The children we serve are amazing, they’ve endured more in their young lives than many people do in their lifetime, and yet they still find the strength to smile, play, dream & hope for a better future. Your generosity through sponsorship can truly change a child’s life by providing them with food, education, medical care & other opportunity. Sponsoring a child in education is one of the greatest blessings you will get as a sponsor. Goodwill Foundation partners with leaders, schools, communities, children & families ensuring that your  assistance  gets  to the people in need, which in turn raises the potentials in children, keeping families together and making communities stronger.

GWF to support at least 2500 Pupils, Students  to schools in Cameroon for the 2020/2021 Academic year

Your generosity will be of great use towards our education program:

  1. Providing necessities for school, so students have things like uniforms, shoes or books etc.
  2. Awarding annual, renewable scholarships to attend vocational school, college or other higher education institutions and trade learning funding.
  3. Working with parents to ensure their kids are enrolled in schools
  4. Partnering with existing educational facilities in the community
  5. Educating parents on how to improve interactions with their kids at home
  6. Creating resources like computer labs, libraries in our community for the use of local students.