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Anglophone Crises

$ 15,000.00 Needed Donation

Since the start of the arm conflict in Anglophones Cameroon in 2016, an estimated 437,500 people in the Anglophone North West and South West regions are displaced and more than 3000 dead. About 32,600 taking refuge in Nigeria.

During and after crises, people may be forced to make hash decisions to survive such as pulling children out of school to work or due to lack of finances as the economy dangles, that will have long-term negative consequences. We stand with people forced to flee in helping them meet immediate needs and build a brighter future. GWF provides direct assistance for the people as they try to feed their families and find a safe place to live, and we work to improve livelihood opportunities for long-term economic wellbeing.

GWF is also committed to helping those who are experiencing or recovering from conflict and disaster reduce their risk of falling ill and receive treatment when they do get sick.

serving the displaced people of the North West/South West Regions of Cameroon, by Proving, food, shelter, safe water, sanitation and hygiene is a call for concern.