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Anglophones Armed Conflict

Since the socio-political crisis that began in October 2016 in the Anglophone Northwest and Southwest regions mutated into armed conflict. That has seen more than 4000 died, 750,000 displaced within the country and another 35,000+ taking refuge in Nigeria.

life has become even more challenging for many low-income families. Amid the Corona virus pandemic’s unfolding dual crises, life has become even more challenging for many low-income families in this regions. Housing which is supposed to be the first line of defense against the coronavirus, yet people in these regions lives in overcrowded slums, sometimes spending months in the forest as they flee their homes lacking access to water and sanitation. This region is also home more than 5 million poor families living on less than US$2 a day and risk falling over the edge into chronic poverty.

Goodwill Foundation as a humanitarian organization is responding to the conflict affected population addresses both the health, Education and economic fronts. Through its fundraising initiative, we welcome all supporters to help families weather the crises and communities to emerge stronger.

These campaign is aim in four areas: Education, health, homes and access to clean water and sanitation as well as economic recovery.