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Our Educational Program

Around the world, every community has distinct needs and suffers from its own set of obstacles. In North West/South West regions of Cameroon, Our team of experts assesses the conditions in every community in the region and serve to create specific programs to help children overcome the challenges of their this community during hard times as the crisis in the region persist.

Education is a basic right to everyone, not a privilege. Sadly, that’s not true to everyone. GWF support Vulnerable, marginalizes children by providing them with basic educational needs in form of study materials and fees from primary, secondary, high school and even higher. Our Education program also offers intervention in early childhood education, remedial Education, and digital learning in communities across the North West Region of Cameroon.

The children we serve are amazing, they’ve endured more in their young lives than many people do in their lifetime, and yet they still find the strength to smile, play, dream & hope for a better future. Your generosity through sponsorship can truly change a child’s life by providing them with food, education, medical care & other opportunity. Sponsoring a child in education is one of the greatest blessings you will get as a sponsor. Goodwill Foundation partners with leaders, schools, communities, children & families ensuring that your  assistance  gets  to the people in need, which in turn raises the potentials in children, keeping families together and making communities stronger.

Your Generosity towards our Educational Support program will be used to:

  1. Grant of scholarships to Pupils and Students to study in Primary, Secondary, University and Vocational institutions
  2. Provide necessities for school, so students have things like uniforms, shoes or books etc.
  3. Create resources like computer labs, libraries in our community for the use of local students.

Lack of access to education and poor quality of available schools can undermine people’s potential to have successful futures. GWF provides children, youths and adults with safe, quality educational opportunities that help them learn the skills they need to survive and thrive.

Your support to help us reach our goals is an investment in the future, helping disadvantaged kids get to school and complete their education. When you donate or make a gift to our education programs, you provide the resources and opportunities children and youth need, from kindergarten through high school, and beyond

Our Impact on Education

Students needs covered
Hrs, Computer Skills

GWF Scholarships

100 kids = $100/Kids Covers, Fee & Writing Material for one Academic Year.

$ 10,000.00
100 Anglophones Displaced Kids to school by Oct. 2020
$ 2,150.00
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It produces love from a pure heart, a clear conscience, and a sincere faith. This is well beyond stuffing heads with knowledge; it requires transformed classrooms, working both in the teacher and in the students. Ultimately, this transformation is reaching the parents and families as well.

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