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Health Care Support

Families in the rural areas can barely manage to feed themselves, let alone have the money to afford healthcare and medicines. Owing to this fact, GWF is partnering with local Health institution in the region to offer health care assistance to those in need.

Health conditions and access to health care services play a huge factor in a community’s poverty rate. Children in impoverished communities live without access to basic health necessities such as clean water and sanitation, ushering in preventable diseases or worse. Health issues often cause children to fall behind in school, and a lack of education leads the way for drug use, early pregnancy, gang affiliation and much more.

Our Impact on Health Care

Distributed to Families in Bamenda, June, 2020

  • Mosquitoe Nets
  • Sanitation
  • Face Masks

About 6 million children under the age of 5 die each year, due to lack of access to vaccines, medication and healthcare (an estimate 15000 per day) 90% of this deaths occur in developing countries with limited access to healthcare

Some of these numbers could be avoided with immunizations., GWF believe everyone has a right to healthcare for that reason we aim to provide healthcare support in communities of the North West/South West regions of Cameroon such as Hospitals in rural areas, mobile clinics, and health centers that provides much needed medicines and care to those who would otherwise go without.