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Rural Development

Creation of Community centers, infrastructure management training, facilitation and funding of community development plans. Our Community development Program is concerned with working collectively with communities and groups for positive social change, inclusion and equality. GWF works on inclusion, participation and democracy through the promotion and development of sustainable community development in Cameroon’s North west region.

Supporting citizens and professionals from different parts of North West region of Cameroon. Endeavours to develop a North West which functions on the basis of community and participative democracy. Helps building civil society through community development.

  • Delivers interdisciplinary, professional and independent support to groups of people
  • Identifies, together with local people, community problems;
  • Increases the empowerment of local people so that they can organise themselves in order to solve problems;
  • We also pay special attention to people struggling with social deprivation, poverty, inequality and exclusion;
  • Contributes to a sustainable community based on mutual respect and social justice;
  • Contributes to the socio-cultural development of the neighbourhood through local people.